"Kinder unterm Regenbogen"

(Children Below The Rainbow)

Markus Nielbock‎ - "Milly", Age 5


Our Emilia will benefit from a fantastic fundraising event issued by a regional radio station Radio Regenbogen (Radio Rainbow) and an associated charity foundation "Kinder unterm Regenbogen" (Children Below The Rainbow).

It was a 24h live event, where people from southwestern Germany were able to issue donations for 19 special needs children from the area. Each of the 19 projects are aiming for a different kind of support - and Emilia was one of them. After 24h, a total sum of EUR 320,000 was collected.

Emilia will receive a combination of a wheelchair and a bike, called "rollfiets" which is dutch and means "wheel bike". The wheelchair is in front, while the bike is detachable. This allows us to make bike tours with her, and at the same time, we can enter a cafe or restaurant while storing the bike outside.