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"Life has sure turned out differently than I had once imagined, however, the adventures and love we have for our families make it worth every minute."

I mentioned in another post that Everett has an advanced bone age. The doctors don't know why, and after given it some thought of my own, I feel it may be more genetics than something we are dealing with due to his syndrome. Those of you that know my family, you know my dad wasn't a very tall man, however had the hands of a gorilla. I posted a picture of Everett as a newborn with my dad's finger holding his. It may be that Everett is just taking after his grandpa! With thinking about this I thought it would be kind of nice to give a back story on Jason and I, our families and who we are. Most of you know us, but Everett has over 600 following his story. I don't know that many people, so at least 3/4 of you might find it interesting, or may find answers to questions you have that want to ask, but don't know how.

I grew up in a small town just a few miles from where we live now, in the same house my dad was born and raised in. My dad farmed for awhile with his brother, then drove truck for 30 years until he retired due to brain cancer that took his life in 2011. My mother worked at the local school as a para for several years until she decided to go to college to get her degree for Social Work. I graduated from high school in 2000, the same year my mother graduated college. She finished in just 2 years. She then went on to get her masters degree, graduating in 2007, just 2 months before she lost her battle to lung cancer. She was diagnosed in 2005 and given 6 months. That didn't stop her from living life and making an impact on those who knew her.


I have a brother and 2 sisters. Keith is the oldest and is married with 2 kids. He is a computer programmer (nerd!) and his wife is a major in the Air Force. They move to a new state every 3 years. We were given the opportunity to see Europe because of her being stationed there. It was truly a dream come true. Then comes Nichole. Nikki died in an ATV accident in 2007, just 1 month after mom died. She was too young, but enjoyed what life she was given. Nothing was more important to her than family and friends. I was the next born.


Then comes the baby of the family, my sister Jaclyn. She lives in Iowa with her husband. He is an EMT and she has her own Yoga Studio, while also working as a counselor. From what I remember from my childhood was life was always fun and sadness was rare. There was a lot of laughing and as a family we were very close. Sundays was always family day and most days were spent outside playing.


Jason grew up in the town we live in now. His brother still runs the farm he was raised on. He has 3 brothers and a sister. Jason's dad farmed and was the guy to play the best pranks on you. He was hard working, but would give the little he had to someone who needed. He lost his life to liver disease in 1980, Jason was just shy of 4 years old. Jason's mom was an amazing housewife and mother. She was the picture perfect example of what being married to a farmer meant. She had a hot meal brought out to her husband in the heat of farming season everyday. She didn't know how to drive until Jason's dad taught her. She continued this practice even after Pete died, when Jason's brother picked up the duties of the farm. She surrounded herself with whatever the family needed until she lost her life to her second round of cancer in 2004(?).


His oldest brother is Michael. Everett gets his middle name from him. Jason being so young when Pete died, Mike really stepped in to help mold him into the amazing man he is today. There are 18 years difference between them. Jason is an amazing father, and even though Mike has no children of his own, he sure instilled an amazing fatherly instinct into Jason. Mike lives next to us with his wife Sherry. Next would be Jason's sister Debra. She is the sweetest, kindest human being I have ever met. She lives in the cities with her husband, Curt and two daughters, who have grown up and are starting a life for themselves. Next is Steve, who also lives in the cities with his wife, Kelly. They have two sons and a daughter. Their daughter, our niece, actually has children the same age as ours. With the age gap between Jason and his siblings it isn't unusual that this be the case. Next is John, who is 10 years older than Jason. We lived next to John and his family for several years. It was Everett's first home. I still miss them, even though we only moved 5 miles from them. John farms and is married to Janelle and has 2 daughters. One of which is getting married in a little over a year! Jason was raised with a lot of love and hard work. Nothing was given, only earned. Jason still loves to help his brothers on the farm in his free time.

Jason and I met in 2004 (a few months after he lost his mother), married in 2007, just weeks after mom died and a week before Nikki's accident. We had a pretty crazy first year, but it became clear that this man would be the rock I needed in life. Life has sure turned out differently than I had once imagined, however, the adventures and love we have for our families make it worth every minute.


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