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How it works

  • No clinic visits required

  • Clinical data will be collected from patient’s health records, organized and summarized, free of charge

  • Caregivers retain full control of patient’s health records

  • With your consent, clinicians, researchers and biopharma can access anonymized data to aid in research

  • Available now in the US with plans for worldwide availability

  • Onboarding to the Ciitizen platform requires less than 10 minutes of caregiver time

Why Natural History Studies Matter


Natural History Studies (NHS) are critical to the drug development process. Ciitizen has developed a new method to make this process easier. A next generation, digital NHS for BPAN disorder is expected to facilitate:

  • Informing clinical researchers how a disease changes over time

  • Enabling better endpoint selection to use in clinical trials

  • The connection between mutation types and symptoms to facilitate targeted therapies

  • Reducing the time it takes to study new medicines in clinical trials

  • Speeding up the time to get therapeutics to patients

  • The use of data as a placebo (instead of actual patients) in a clinical trial

Become a Ciitizen and help advance research and accelerate treatments. Please join us.

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