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NOMINATED BY: Donna McBurney

"Selfless, Compassionate, Dedicated"

Glenn is my ex-husband and Elijah’s Dad.

During the pandemic Glenn has been unable to see Elijah due to his job working with the public. I have kept Elijah at my home and have not taken him out of the house because of his low immune system.

Glenn and his wife have selflessly dedicated their spare time to makin

g sure that Elijah and the rest of my family had everything that we needed. He did all of our grocery shopping, picked up everyone’s prescriptions from various pharmacies. Took our dogs to the vets when they were ill. Took my car in for service and brought it back cleaned and with a new inspection sticker.

He always took the time to talk with Elijah via speaker phone, and even though Elijah didn’t always say anything he was glad his Dad was there.

He has always been devoted to helping find a cure for our son and all of the Bpanners.

Three years ago Glenn held a BPAN fundraiser at the local gym that he works at and raised money for research.

I can’t thank him enough for being here for us anytime and for everything that we have needed. We couldn’t have done it without his generosity and compassion.

Thank you!!

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