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NOMINATED BY: Robyn Desher, Mother-In-Law

"Strength, Compassion, Bravery"

My quiet shy daughter-in-law, mother of our precious Penelope, has amazed me every day.

I’ve watched her show great strength even when she was exhausted, have caring hands when fulfilling Penny’s daily needs, whispering soft words of encouragement into Penny’s little ears as she attempts to learn new skills and putting on a brave face during difficult times.

Jennifer has and continues to fight for Penny’s welfare.

She has taken her to countless medical visits, endured watching her child have MRI’s and EEG’s at very young age. Jennifer has educated herself about BPAN and has reached out to others for advice.

She did not ask for this. She did not expect this yet, every minute of every day I watch her act with compassion and understanding that only a special few could give.

Even during the times when she is feeling vulnerable and weak, she puts on that cape of strength.

Jennifer is my superhero.

I am so proud of her and appreciate all she does for our beautiful granddaughter every day.

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