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NOMINATED BY: Kate Watkins

"Strong, Brave, Caring"

Kaci’s daughter, Noelle was diagnosed with BPAN a few years ago.

I’ve watched Kaci and her husband, Brian give so much of their time to work with Noelle, help her in every way possible while raising their two other children, Nolan and Theo and working full time for the University of Michigan.

I want them to know that they are some of the strongest people I know and they are a blessing, not only to Noelle, but to all the BPAN Warriors. They have held fundraisers, donated their time and worked with researchers all in the name of finding a cure.

Noelle is so blessed to have them as her parents and I always tell Kaci, what if she were born to someone else, what would that have looked like?

Kaci and Brian have given her so much already and even though she may not be able to express to them always how she feels, I know she feels loved and in the end that’s all that matters.

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