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Wdr45 Knockout Mouse - Data Now Available

As part of the new effort of the NIH Common Fund Knockout Mouse Phenotyping Program is leading the way as part of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) to help us understand more about the diseases of aging. Part of this ambitious project to genetically silence – or “knockout” – and characterize all protein coding genes in the mouse. This "knockout mice" are the first step to understand each gene’s biological function, or “phenotype.” The hope is to use mice to provide more insight into human diseases.

As part of this important program, multiple Wdr45 mouse lines were developed through the IMPC, including a full Wdr45 knock-out mouse as part of the NIH funded KOMP (Knock-Out Mouse Project). Phenotype data, imaging and key findings are now available via the IMPC website:


Download a summary of basic Wdr45 KO mouse findings:

The International Mouse Phenotyping Cons
Download • 232KB

Additional Wdr45 mouse lines are now also available through the Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Centers (MMRRC), a collaborative effort, funded by grants from DPCPSI of the NIH:

The KOMP program has made significant advances in understanding genes with previously unknown function. Learning more about gene function at is needed to reveal new phenotypes and disease relationships.

Learn more about the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium here:

Visit the Consortium Website!

Looking for information about mice phenotyped through KOMP2? Visit, where you can use the "Search" function to search by gene, phenotype, anatomy, or protocol.


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