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NOMINATED BY: Andy Verhaegen, Husband

"Strong, Caring, Sweet"

There are a million reasons why Miet is my BPAN hero...I am sure to forget some:

  • She gave up her job to be the full-time personal assistant of our BPAN son Lasse - wherever Lasse is, your will find her.

  • She is not only taking care of Lasse, but also for our other sons Tars (autism and MCDD) and oldest son Sietze.

  • She organized a fundraising for BPAN a couple of years ago.

  • She manages all our family appointments with doctors and physiotherapist

  • She keeps our agenda - even reminding me when to take a day off, because I often forget.

  • She continually fights for the wellbeing of our sons.

If she wasn't there Lasse would be have been tube fed for the last several years, however because of her, up to now, he is now able to eat normally.

  • She has such a drive and never low on energy...although Lasse is asks for physical support and Tars mental support. Both make ongoing requests of her energy in different ways.

  • She always puts the needs of others ahead of hers

  • She has followed an alternative therapy for years, and gives Lasse massages for many hours a day.

  • She does so much and rarely reaches out for help.

  • She has taken the lead in our home improvements to make it suitable for Lasse, during which time we had to live upstairs, because downstairs was under construction.

  • She caught COVID, and due to inaccurate initial testing was sent home from the hospital and had to recuperate by herself all while taking care of Lasse, who was taken to hospital with COVID. All the time, her only concern was our boys...

I, her husband, don't tell her enough how much I appreciate what she is doing. She is the most valuable person for me and our sons. I love her and I don't think I could live this "hard" life without her. For sure, there will be other people that do great things, but for me she deserves a statue!


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